Postas Gauges 12, 20 and 16

Forcefulness and effectiveness with 9 pellets of 3 in the opening.

Available in three different calibres.

Consult the legal regulations regarding the use of this product depending on the country or territory. Nobel Sport Spain is not responsible for any misuse.

Big Game Specials. Some markets are demanding the use of shotgun shells for varmints and some species of big game hunting. Halfway between small pellet cartridges with bullets and bullet cartridges there emerges a new set of cartridges with compositions adapted to specific tastes and hunting traditions.

Cartucho Gauge Powder Grams Wad Shot Type
Calibre 12 12-70-16 A1 BIOR 3X3 – 3X4 – 4X4
Calibre 20 20-70-16 A1 BIOR 3X3 – 3X4 – 4X4
Calibre 16 16-70-16 A1 BIOR 3X3 – 3X4 – 4X4